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figure out the forces that will in fighting terms and leave here both private agree on one thing they urged draft powers to keep out of the conflict. the us vice president says the most go to leave the response to new heights with mucilage of plans to ration global trade on the agenda. the wonder commuter town that's increasingly across the point for extremism its residence on the edges of draws both radical islamist and nationalist.
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in the russian capital you're watching r t m arena joshie the violence in libya has reached the green milestone more than a thousand are sought to have died in the fighting between rebels and government forces broke it off the troops have reportedly we take in the strategic city of zawiya fifty kilometers west of the capital while opposition leaders are calling for the u.n. to recognize its control both sides are urging foreign countries to stay out of the conflict parties exxon avoid the reports from the region sporadic clashes around the town of ras lanuf still continue and pretty much the only new development that we have seen so far was i'm told so maybe i'm coming out of the opposition side that suggested that i get off we should leave the country within the next seventeen to ours if he is the opposition promises to allow him to leave the country freely
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and not to pursue him for his crimes bradby get off the start has already mockingly dismays this of course saying that it was just the not going to case and there are big protestors are losing ground need time are to have every. without access to get up with foreign minister was like what's that thing here surprise this thing live that big that r.p. government to go after him has been promising all along that is they surprised me has been exported to lead there from abroad oh my it's clear that it's a will prepared to plant the truth his dad peace group has contacts with great powers and is supported by them first of all by britain which is attracted by the oil reserves the u.k. has paid several visits held negotiations and offered help the situation is with france and the us great powers compete for the right to own oil and gold resources and this rivalry is going on. the opposition of course denies these grains in fact
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they started a recent barrison in three of the british intelligence services who are group here we've been ghazi a group that was briefly are arrested. back home local leaders say that they do not want any foreign intervention in fact they say if indeed it happens if we play into regular into the hands of khadafi and they're very adamant that be surprising for their right. to ask for or not remains to be seen as an achievement as it can even after all of the. people because obviously that continues to lapse that these uprising is not only exported from the rest but actually that it has to. adjourn to the. people. and you could be seen with the security agencies are behind if you can do proceeds with the severe. disruption. like. this.
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is still going on there on the towns of bragger and rustler no after alive being started to their prizing round the opposition was able to capture marjah is to leave the uprising has stalled and it's still unclear where exactly the opposition and government forces are in control both sides are claiming control of various locations i'm in the city of the gods of the second largest city and the stronghold of the opposition and some of the opposition leaders told us today that they're now to regroup to accumulate all the resources. that they have knowledge of the parents of afghans the town of third richest hometown of gadhafi his tribal stronghold and right in the middle of the road with me in tripoli at. the guys in there are fantastic that these are parents that may come closer to you
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next week right there or not the opposition forces will be able to mount these contraflow still remains to be seen the army is part of this inquiry and they help our presence because they're very poorly trained everything's on the only thing that i would say is all there is is there are very creative and trying to find new means of fighting it. they call it the vehicle of the free pickup trucks have long been popular in the desert but their free will drive power easily conquer detroit euro cents it's certainly do maybe one of the very few places in europe that seems to have a would pick up trucks that even your state of texas people here like these are for it's not going to be versatility and strong action and it's this fascination with pickup trucks that allow the uprising in eastern libya to pick up steam cletus
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father bought this truck a few years ago for his family business his son a twenty five year old economics student now sets out for the front line says if it's a very good car especially in the desert with a sedan i will be able to use it for an hour can go and fight for my country. ever since the uprising began almost three weeks ago columns of rubble pickup trucks have been crisscrossing the desert around in ghazi rubble say the vehicles in the village he allows them to dodge attacks from pro-government forces and has more than once saved their lives. by bombs. from the side roads that we can see. cumbered. get everybody through or give me these old pieces of soviet armor have been rusting on the main embankment of been gazi ever since the rebels to cover the city they now serve as a playground for kids and symbols of defeat for the despised regime. this man was
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among hundreds of young officers who in the 1980's were sent to soviet military academies by gadhafi is government now a staunch critic of the libyan leader he says tanks like the gadhafi regime have a long while to leave their days there's. all this heavy armor is no different that's why pickup trucks came in so handy with slight modifications that can easily be converted to code around rocket launchers and machine guns utilizing the utility vehicles for rapid attacks is hardly a libyan invention pickup trucks have long been a feature of mortar and warfare you see tend to see patterns and certain vehicles are used by the u.s. military in the u.s. government so it was in afghanistan before it's in afghanistan now it's even in afghanistan and soon will be it was you supplied pickup trucks that helped afghan insurgents fight soviet troops three decades ago now it's sleepy and behind the wheel and they're at
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a crossroads wondering which way to drive their country next at some point or at sea been gazi. and michael hughes journalist for the huffington post says those who are pushing for a get off his regime to be destroyed aren't considering what the situation will be in libya without him. russia has it but you know. perfectly well we need to stay out of this in a tenth of what. western agenda is always been anti to the topic. and for some reason we want to. we need to use him as a pariah kind of rally i rally western rail because he's the antithesis of what well at america what american about freedom. just isn't this a vision of it is great for the rightwing people like mccain mcconnell to get all excited about going to another country so and they think toppling him is the key
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to taking control you know the i'm ill i view what is going to look like after the battle there can be a host so more civil war if you will it could be tribal tribal factions going at it and then you have the you know be a drama selman ironically if we are being direct we're going to be intervening on the side of a lot of is one thing then they will go i understand again so we're going to invade them and so we're going to invade and without the and the oppositions are going to kill everybody the us media the u.s. government i think their answer i get asking they're painting it that way because they have this perception that you know the good guys are saying anything but they have this perception the monster and they're going to they're going to they're going to prod. and at eleven thirty am g.m.t. peta lavelle's cross dog is here is it's time to pal questions why saudi arabia remains untouched by the massive uprisings across the arab world. a
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growing sandstorm in the arab middle east has changed sweeps the region to saudi arabia immune to outside influences u.s. president barack obama says he supports democracy and the aspirations of the people does this apply to the kingdom of saudi. u.s. vice president joe biden is in moscow two years after russia and america decided to reset their relations and he was one of the key drivers of the change in direction and wants to upgrade what's already been achieved to a never before seen level article or choice followed by surprise with the cross live there now for the latest because we know what's the significance of biden's visit to moscow. well this visit comes two years up trick joe biden introduced the term recess at the risk of push the reset button when he described obama's the times to improve relations with russia so this trip to russia is an attempt to see where relations stand need to wade through president obama's term and to try to
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further progress in resetting relations the timing for the visit is for if it comes on the heels of the new strategic arms reduction treaty new start so the trip is seen by many as an attempt to expand into new dimensions of restocked with a particular focus on a business piece this time there are still many touchy issues between the two the contentious issue of w two zero and zero for missile defense in europe best to name just fifteen as korea's missile defense systems turned up to years of opposition the us finally agreed to include russia in quote praising with nato over antiballistic missile plan for europe which the u.s. believes might be needed if the wrong comes up with nuclear weapons russia has complained that it hasn't been all for it and not a quick level of cooperation on that so for for many years it has been one of the main p. returns and relations between moscow and washington now the u.s.
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office says that as early as by the end of this year the u.s. is ready to sign an agreement with russia on the cell two thousand europe as far as another touchy issue w.t. it was concerned russia has sort w. tail membership for the past decade in a huff now there have been rounds and rounds of official talks about both with the european union and with washington and moscow once more from the u.s. now than just rhetoric it wants to start with the suit that the u.s. council's been famous jetson very commandment one of the romulans called the cold war times aimed against the down soviet union so these two topics will dominate the talks with the president and the prime minister upon. joe biden will be also meeting with u.s. business leaders together they will go to the skolkovo park this is the place where the government plans to build the russian version of the city called valley we know welcoming and there's a speculation about what biden's real objectives could be so take us through some
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of the suggestions and their reaction perhaps they've been getting. told there was wide speculation indeed in the russian media regarding why joe biden is the most scary and one of the popular versions was that the trip could be seen as a sign that groc obama openly supports president medvedev in the country's next presidential poll however the u.s. office dismissed those claims and said that it's not up to them to influence russia's domestic affairs and that they also stress that apart from meeting with the current political leaders jill biden will be also holding talks with civil society leaders and with the opposition leaders any of whom could be a potential candidate for russia's top job in a year from now to put those speculations aside ward so will most certainly be put on the table in talks with prime minister putin then present would be eased the current political crisis in the middle east and north and arab north africa i leave
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here is the forest you know is the u.s. together with france and the u.k. are considering imposing a no fly ban over the country russia is against the plan and it says no international intervention is possible when it comes to t.v. as domestic affairs and the u.s. needs russia's voice as russia has a veto in the u.n. security council and without russia saying yes to the no fly back it could not be imposed it would not be forced to pay catherine thanks very much indeed for bringing us the latest polling joe biden's visit to moscow for us. so look i'm here on our t.v. broadcast playing fast and loose was the truth. i'm sure i'll get a flurry of e-mails calling for me to apologize for any. bullies but they are not world. peace for public workers them all translates as a gathering of violent criminals in the eyes of a us ear to spice up its
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a jam. and in the wake of the swedish suicide bombing british police tracing the attackers history fear terrorist cells are more deeply rooted than they thought and has brought the spotlight back. onto one town which has drawn information for its links to extremism and only did the stockholm terrorists live there a bottle was also the start point for the london two bombers file journey to day's residents are increasingly on ashes artie's lauren emma discovered. mosques hit jobs and how i'll meet shops a scene straight from the bazaar is of the orient but this is luton north of london home to some twenty five thousand muslims of british and other origins one of them was time or after all what abdel better name now as the stockholm bomber abdul qadeer bashed knew him and describes a volatile character rejected by the community at large when he was here he was
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challenged his ideologies is think he's we're challenged we challenged him and when we realize that he was betrayed we exposing to everybody every member of this of this muslim community he got angry got upset he got he walked out and we never saw him again the next day heard al abdel had played himself up in sweden and that's just the latest claim to infamy for luton which is fast becoming known as a hotbed of extremism breeds extremism and in steps the english defense league committed to protecting england from what they see as a wave of islam is a leader tommy robinson believes he's walking where others fear to tread we have called the chip market. we've got great concerns in our community and we need somebody to voice their concerns the politicians are not being. retained so the a.d.l. kulu to their home although others say their roots are in football hooliganism they recently held their biggest ever march through the town ahead of which robinson
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says the police told him his life was in danger you have been in for years they may be appropriate if you leave the area for the foreseeable future the town of leasing has undeniable links to islamic extremism including most recently the stockade former you spent time here and that in turn leads directly to the rise of groups like the e.t.l. who believe the indian they knew is under threat meanwhile the people at least and see their town in the headlines because of extremists from. it cites the fact the town's m.e.p. says the boss majority of military needs live in harmony and a distressed by their homes image but we can do this in case any for me just point three peacefully and show that the forced forced maturity of this town into this country will face you know police work so this organization we do not want them here still came from as family planes for turning him from
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a noble boy into a fanatic some points to unemployment and social deprivation as the reasons for the extremes found in luton but plaschke lays the blame squarely at the doors of the government before nine eleven we never had these make these type of issues who this is the real story level it was foreign policy yes we scots will stop going to iraq you know it you know illegal war killing women children so it's awful there it's afghanistan you know carpet bombing indiscriminately meanwhile walls thousands of miles away make their presence felt in looted where every so often shopkeepers boarded up the town center and prepare for the hurrican of extremism to pass through. luton. now is a call to some other news stories from around the world and gunfire has returned to ivory coast the largest city where four people have been killed in a security forces crackdown the country remains in their last with a long babo clinging to power despite losing last year's presidential election and
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the latest violence in people set fire to tires and other debris as armed security forces patrol the streets comes just hours after thousands marched in protest over government forces shooting seven women dead last week. in yemen's capital soldiers used tear gas and rubber balls to deter student protesters calling for the president to quit almost a hundred were injured many seriously when the army stormed this now university campus a few hours earlier a riot broke out in the capital's made for. which a dozen guards were taken hostage yemen has witnessed intense protests in recent weeks spurred on by events in egypt and tunisia. a million fish have turned up dad at a marina in california sardines and heard the harbor over night and apparently the police blotter of oxygen and suffocated it's thought there would be have made a pile of dead fish at the bottom of the harbor oval that man's a bumper feeding frenzy for pelicans and goals officials say the cleanup so likely
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to set them back about a hundred thousand dollars. tens of thousands of teachers and doctors have been protesting in the u.s. state of wisconsin for three weeks now and they are against the governor's plan to remove their union rights which help the fight for better wages and job conditions their actions have been peaceful which has earned them police praise but as artie's a message we're going to explain that's not how the news channels there see it. these are some of the faces of the wisconsin protests mothers teachers and students but according to fox news the people protesting i'm sure i'll get a flurry of e-mails calling for me to apologize to anyone in them oh exam bullies but they are and i won't apologize for it but that's what they are in reality there was no bullying going on that was certainly the case when our team was on the ground in february as the protests were peaking even though people demonstrations.
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been going very. chaotic. may not be using. their night. and their rights as workers that has remained the case for those who have closely followed events i know for a fact that there has been no violence whatsoever in wisconsin i mean you know i mean aside from people stepping on each other's toes accidentally there's just hasn't been a police even issue to thank you statement to protesters for being peaceful but according to fox news channel the demonstrators have been an uncontrollable mob not a terribly civil or clashing group of people profanity vulgarity and pretty vile behavior and these are nothing but and always the nonexistent violence was taken to an extreme but the spin of an alleged attack on a fox reporter ok let me show you what you know who seem to have seen it coming
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that hey you get it was great as you can see it there the utter lack of civility civility and the harassment of reporters there from a video posted online it became clear that nothing close to harassment had taken place but it was too late to stop the infamous fox been pushing him there showing him apparently one even him pushing it even further the so-called bullies came out to protest in a cold snowy winter a more violent protest video featured by bill o'reilly had paul. trees in the background turning the channel into a cartoon show the brazen nature of this propaganda what is sad and tragic is that ninety percent of thoughts viewers will have no idea that it was faked and they will think that it was true another field trick was to reverse polling numbers to support the party line and channel sixty four percent in favor of and naming teachers who had to take a sick day at school to be part of the fight for their own rights liars that is no
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excuse that is no excuse for lying to children but the ones doing the lying are actually the pieces of america's t.v. screens since the show must go on and that he told me she hates me because it makes her feel that stick to what you know you're right marching hand in hand with the lies go on and on and on i'm just as archie new york party dot com is updated around the clock with all the news and elses we're covering here but here is what's on the line for you right now welcome to rush out of these exchanges which means foreign workers won't have to leave their families the hike. and be careful where you drilled cells are for residence and a moscow apartment building after a second world war bomb is this covered in the walls details are ours either.
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stay with us for a business update with kareena coming up in just a few months. hello and welcome to the business is here and i t thanks for joining the russes economies seeing a windfall from the steep rise in global energy prices that's on the back of instability in the middle east and north africa while the all producing cartel opec is considering an increase in production to boost declining world outward analysts say the situation could help russia win new customers in asia. but this comes at an
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interesting time for russia because in the last couple of years in the last year in particular russia has made great strides in supplying oil to the far east particularly through the eastern siberian pipeline and through the port of cosmonaut there and into china you know i think so far to russia's had a little bit of a p.r. battle on its hands because most of the sooners which after all is the growth markets tend to prefer supplies out of the middle east because they're known for being stable and reliable this these events of the last few weeks that really caused a lot of importers to pause for thought to get the japanese the koreans and the chinese and i think it's making them more favorably disposed to building up a relationship with russia where they might not have been before. because across the atlantic and also into the spotlight of russia's oil majors the country's largest product for you to look or this to find best ones in the u.s. shale fields shale deposits difficult drill they require special techniques to crack the rocks in order to release the possible fuels the president but you have
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says he wants to apply high tech drilling technology in which shale deposits in russia the company is already experimenting at the persian a formation in western siberia which is thought to hold large resources of liquid hydrocarbons. now let's look at the markets asian stock markets are all in tokyo the nikkei's boosted by a fall in the value against the dollar has gained over one percent after saying it's targeting a twelve billion dollars annual operating profit within two to three years airline stocks in the region are benefiting from oil retreat stocks are also high boosted by the rosy everything's out the letters. there was a market stop trading on wednesday also today a break investors expect stocks to go up as all russia's biggest export above one hundred dollars a barrel breidis mesquite from equate it security says a strong ruble is also good news for. durable continues to strengthen you see that's going to prove very supportive for
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a law. of the russian consumer names definitely getting more optimistic about make me to x five going forward the banks will benefit indirectly from the strengthening ruble still like sperm bank right now but of course i would expect for some of the steel producers to come under pressure being it that they have to pay the majority of their fees locally here in rubles and they have to for any of the of the importing prices will be would be dollar denominated. the cost of insuring russian debt against default has dropped to its lowest level in more than two years. helping the world's largest energy exporter cut this year's record. sokol credit default swaps slipped thirty two basis points in the last fortnight down to one hundred twenty three biggest drop in any nation investors' confidence in russia's ability to repay debt is growing. out of the world rhonda quarter of the russian budget comes from oil and gas high energy prices helped trim. around
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seventy. so we're now going to be back with more.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to cope for asians are on the day the big. the bulls. bringing you the latest in science and six months from the realms.


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